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Utilizing the zapco aquaculture oyster farming system, you will consistently produce
higher quality oysters that translate into higher yield harvests.

So how does it all work…

In response to the needs of Australian oyster growers in southern New South Wales Zapco Aquaculture has created the first cost-effective commercially available floating mesh bag system designed for farming of single seeded oysters. The Zapco aquaculture system reduces set up an ongoing labor costs, increases oyster growth rates results overcatch and promotes consistent uniform oyster shape which all leads to increased profitability for growers.

In addition to increasing profitability the system produces environmental impact resulting in a more sustainable growing and farming process. Zapco Aquaculture’s floating mesh bag system incorporates a complete range of proven tested and purpose design products that partner the farmer spat catching through to grow out.

Floating Mesh Bags

Floating Mesh Bags

Grow Out Tumblers

Spat Traps

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We are using areas now we previously thought were not productive! The bags are portable, durable, consistent in quality and affordable. The oysters coming out of them are a terrific shape and grow very quickly.

Wayne Davies, Fairhaven Oysters Wagonga Inlet, New South Wales

Zapco floating bags have changed our whole outlook on oyster farming. We now have a simple to use and highly effective system to grow oysters that brings the word profit back into the oyster farming equation.

HUGH WHEELER, Wheelers Oysters Merimbula, New South Wales