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In 2009 the company was formed and officially named Zapco Aquaculture Pty Ltd. ZAPCO’s products are now commercially in use in Australia, New Zealand, North America, South America, Europe, Japan and Southern Asia.

We have utilized the design concepts of Southern NSW oyster farmers in Australia to develop a range of aquaculture products that meet the demands for multiple single seed oyster cultivation systems.

  •  Reduced capital outlay
  •  Longevity of product through use of high grade plastics
  • Increased uniform oyster growth rates
  • Cost effective product choice

Zapco Aquaculture uses only the highest of quality food grade non-toxic and UV stabilized plastics. This ensures a robust, practical and highly effective product. We offer a range in mesh sizes giving the grower flexibility in the cultivation stages from juvenile to adult.

In addition, the cultivation systems supporting products such as the Zapco Rapid Float Release and the Poly Aqua Storm Line help to achieve and maintain the efficiency and productivity objectives of the company and seem set to become industry standards

Responding to both the needs of our customers and our continued quest for consistent product performance we have now developed the Turnkey Farming System of product kits that allow farmers to purchase complete kits of product for small and large areas thereby simplifying the purchase and set up process and optimising quick cultivation results.

Our ongoing consultative and collaborative efforts within the industry clearly demonstrate our long term aspirations and that we aim to “Shape the future of the Shellfish Industry

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