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In the Aquaculture industry the preservation of timber support posts has always been a major issue. When you compare the cost, rigidity (especially after sun and saltwater exposure), weight, appearance and longevity the Wood-Shield timber posts offer benefits to the Aquaculture industry that far exceed alternative products.

The WoodShield timber post ends are protected with very thick end caps which enable them to be hydraulically “whacked” into the ground exactly as a standard timber post would. The process creates a strong adhesive bond between the timber and plastic sheath leaving no exposed timber and completely sealing the post.

The UV and salt resistant outer plastic shell on the WoodShield post has enough “give” in it so that it can be drilled, screwed, bolted & stapled to attach standard fittings & clips, so the racks can rise & fall with the tides. The posts are also easy to handle, pack, transport and install.

Untreated Timber Encased in Recycled Plastic

WoodShield offers a product which is the most versatile and complete oyster post, rail and joiner system without the requirement of onsite assembly. In addition to the elements such as moisture and sun exposure, oyster farmers have the added problem of marine borers.


  • Cost effective non-chemical option
  • Long lasting & weather resistant
  • Sustainable and fully recyclable
  • Post and Rail
  • Completely Sealed

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