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Project Description

  • 3 * 3 mm or 8 * 8 mm – Mesh Tube 410 mm x L 850mm
  • 1 x Tumbler End Cap Fixed
  • 1 x Tumbler End Cap Open + Door
  • 2 x Floats
  • 2 x Foam Pins
  • 8 x Snap Clips
  • 2 x 10 mm Storm Clips with Rubber Lanyard and Toggle designed to be used with 10 mm Zapco Poly Aqua Storm Line
Code MOQ MOQ Dimensions 40 FT Container
ZAP001-3 Total Weight 21.5 kg
10 items
Packaging Dimensions
3 mm x 3mm mesh
10 BAGS 88 CM X 47 CM X 20 CM
10 LIDS & COVERS 55 CM X 30 CM X 61CM
4280 items
ZAP001-8 Total Weight 18.5 kg
10 items
Packaging Dimensions
8 mm x 8 mm mesh
10 BAGS 88 CM X 47 CM X 20 CM
10 LIDS & COVERS 55 CM X 30 CM X 61CM
4280 items

Grow Out Tumblers On A Farm

Grow Out Tumblers

The Zapco Tumbler is perfect for growing out spat from 3 mm to fully grown oysters.

This unique design helps the oyster develop a uniform shape and increases the growth rate in the early stages of growing from a spat to an oyster. It also reduces the risk of over catch and fowling reducing the work load.

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  • Acts as an upweller on the smaller 3 mm mesh configurations as the tumblers rotate with the tide
  • Unique, quick latch door system built into the end cap
  • High-density flotation foam incorporated into the end caps.
  • Patented, fast and easy push lock assembly system.
  • UV treated, robust, diamond mesh available in 3 mm or 8 mm mesh profiles.
  • Lugged end caps for customers preferred line attachment systems.
  • Proven to influence superior shell shape in all oyster species from spat through to market oysters.
  • Designed to be used with Zapco super strong multi-purpose stormline.

Zapco stands by its products provided that they are used exclusively in conjunction with other Zapco products and as part of the Zapco Oyster Cultivation System