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The Zapco tumbler has been proven to be one of the best spat outgrowing systems in the industry

This simple to assemble product is essential for outgrowing your spat

What’s in your kit


Reduces spat mortality
Increases growth rates
Shapes the shell to perfection
With the edition of the NEW spat pouch the tumbler is the perfect tool for outgrowing your spat from 1mm to 20mm

Choose your mesh size

All Zapco Aquaculture mesh bags are manufactured using 95% environmentally friendly marine grade re-compounded recycled material

3*3mm mesh tube
(1/8*1/8 inches)

8*8mm mesh tube
(5/16*5/16 inches)

How to assemble the grow out tumbler

Spat Pouch

The NEW optional Zapco, spat pouch revolutionizes the way spat can be outgrown reducing the need for sophisticated upwelling systems

Giving farmers more opportunity to purchase smaller spat at reduced price point from hatcheries

The easy to use – spat pouch opens from either end.
Simply place spat into the pouch and zip up the pouch.
Slide two spat pouches into Zapco’s 8mm mesh tumbler and close the door.
Place on the backbone, then sit back and watch them grow into the perfect oysters.

Choose your accessories

Tumbler XL Storm Clip

Tumbler Typhoon Line 210m
( 689 Ft )

Tube size: ø410*L850mm (ø16*33.5 inches)