What is spat catching?

There are different methods of oyster farming some people use Hatchery spat some catch natural spat this all depends on availability of Spat.

We recommend both methods but Highly recommend not to introduce species for out side of your Location In other words do not import oysters from other locations as this can potentially have environmental issues in the future as we have seen all over the world.

If Hatchery spat is not available in your location the next best option is catching your own Natural Spat. This is achieved by using the Zapco Spat trap

First you need to identify a location where oysters spawn. Once this has been achieved the spat trap can be used in two different methods

First By Setting the traps on a rack set up on the side of the waters edge so the Spat trap is out of the water at low tide and Under the water at High tide. This allows the splat which is generally with in the first 1m of the water table. As the water moves through the spat trap the Spat will attach itself to the Spat catcher in the spat trap.

In your case due to ice you will be require to removable rack system each year the reason. You need a rack system is to keep the Spat traps of the bottom away from Potential issues like mud worm or any other parasites that is like to harm the oysters.

The other method is by attaching the Spat traps to a Horizontal Line / Back bone with floats so the spat traps hang down vertical in the first 1m of the water table, allowing the the water to flow through which enables the Spat to attach to the spat Collectors as they past through the spat trap.

This is the best two methods of catching Natural spat. You do not need to cement the traps or any thing else as we have treated the material with natural Calcium that attracts Spat.

Once the spat reach a size of 3- 4 MM remove all the spat Clean the equipment and store until the next spawning season In most cases is twice a year pending on location.

Spat (Oyster Seed) Catcher
Spat (Oyster Seed) Catcher

The Zapco Spat Catcher