105 Meter Super Strong Hurricane Stormline

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Especially developed for shellfish cultivation systems and other aquatic environments. This super strong easy to use product replaces unreliable rope.


  • Super strong UV treated polyester
  • Advanced hydroscopic properties with breaking strain 1100 daN = 1122 kg force
  • Maintains structural integrity -40 to +70 degrees centigrade
  • Designed to be used with Zapco aquacultures storm clips with TPU lanyards
  • Available size 10mm od
  • Comes on a convenient steel drum for easy of handling
  • Available in 105m lengths
  • Perfect for long line floating bag suspended intertidal cage & oyster tumbler systems
  • Stops equipment from sliding down the backbone and bunching up in strong winds reducing the risk of the line breaking and losing valuable stock & equipment
  • The stormline also helps the workers to place the bags evenly along the lines

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