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Making square mesh bags has never been easier

Quick and easy to assemble bags, pre-cut and fitted

Delivered in compact bundles of 20

What’s on the bag


  • Pre-formed, cut with fittings attached
  • Reduce labor time and cost
  • Manufactured from 95% re-compounded recycled material
  • Sustainable oyster farming

Choose your mesh size

All Zapco Aquaculture mesh bags are manufactured using 95% environmentally friendly marine grade re-compounded recycled material

5*5mm mesh
(7/32*7/32 inches)

10*10mm mesh
(13/32*13/32 inches)

16*16mm mesh
(5/8*5/8 inches)

Zapco’s new evolutionary pre-formed, cut and fitted quick assembling square mesh bags

Combined with the specially developed assembling stands allows the square mesh bags to be  assembled under 80 seconds Saves a huge amount of time and labor

Assembling square mesh bags has never been easier

Simply slide the pre-cut and creased mesh bag onto the stand and then




Pick your floats

Submersible Torpedo Float

ZAP065-16 / L860*W90*H80mm
(L34*W3.5*H3 inches)

For use in severe weather and icy locations

Sealed Torpedo Float

ZAP065-15 / L795*W90*H80mm
(L31*W3.5*H3 inches)

For use in severe weather and icy locations

Floats delivered in bundles of 20

* All blow molded floats are made from 95% re-compounded marine grade recycled materials

Multiple float setup options